Loaves & Fishes Partnership

Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry

The Companion Animal Fund (CAF) is excited to announce a partnership with Loaves & Fishes to help provide dog and cat food to their clients. Loaves & Fishes is a Charlottesville-based foodbank covering a broad geographic market providing healthy food to anyone who needs help. While focused on providing food to people, they estimate 60-70% of their clients, or approximately 1,900 households served monthly, also need pet food for their dogs and cats.

CAF currently assists Meals on Wheels and Piedmont Virginia Community College with pet food for their clients and students. CAF is excited to have Loaves & Fishes as the third pet food partner.

Through a relationship with Dr. Charles (Chuck) Wood, CAF has obtained favorable pricing from Purina on the first large pet food purchase arriving any day. Old Dominion Animal Hospital has kindly offered space to CAF to store and repackage in smaller sizes pet food for distribution. CAF has also partnered with a local grocery store for donated food, and a local school is interested in helping with a pet food drive and to have their students periodically help with the food repackaging work. We hope to establish many more of these relationships to help those in our community who are faced with the hard choice of feeding themselves or their pets. Pets may be their only source of companionship.

Loaves & Fishes Food PantryInterested in helping us?

Our goal is to supplement the pet food CAF purchases with contributions (through pet food drives, etc.) within the community. We understand some of the grocery stores who currently contribute people food to Loaves & Fishes may not know Loaves & Fishes would also accept pet food. We’d be happy to reach out to these stores if helpful, and others. We’ve reached out to a few of the local pet stores and their corporate offices and intend to add to our outreach. We’d welcome any feedback.