Ask the Doctor

Dr. Charles Wood

Do you have questions you would like to ask a veterinarian? The CAF Board includes an experienced veterinarian who can give you answers to common questions about your pet’s health. Below are a few of the most frequent questions veterinarians answer every day.

If you have a question you would like to ask, please send use the form on our Contact Us page to submit your question to our veterinarian. If we can answer it (without a visit to the vet), we’ll post it on this page! Your questions can help pet owners provide the best care for their pets – thank you for your help!

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What should I do if my pet swallows a pill or eats something they shouldn't?

What can I do at home if my pet has diarrhea?

My small dog frequently will refuse to eat in the morning until she has eaten some grass or spit up - what can I do to help her?

Why does my cat tend to throw up her food right after eating and then ask for more food?

My pet has fleas - what should I do about it?