The mission of The Companion Animal Fund is to provide care for thousands of animals through direct financial gifts to rescue organizations, pet sanctuaries, and SPCA’s. These groups are all providing food, shelter, veterinary services, and loving attention to homeless and unwanted animals and are actively working toward adopting out all these pets to permanent homes.

The Companion Animal Fund, CAF, is a non-profit fund, with 100% of the monies going to help the organizations in need. All administrative costs are being paid for and provided by outside sources. The CAF is overseen by a board whose responsibility it is to raise money and determine how these monies are distributed to needy groups. All groups have been personally scrutinized by members of the CAF. Click here to view the list of currently qualified recipients.

All donations received by CAF are sent to the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation, which is a non-profit 501 C (3) Corporation that invests the money, handles, and files all tax and business reports for CAF and many other local non-profit groups. The Charlottesville Area Community Foundation is a multi-million dollar fund which is well-trained in investing for non-profits (Please see their web site at www.cacfonline.org).