The Companion Animal Fund was started to help all area rescue organizations and SPCA's because there is a need for funding for these smaller groups.

Most of them have no state or federal funding, and are run by volunteers. Most cannot afford to become 501 C (3) corporation and therefore rely mostly on friends and family members for needed money for food, shelter, and veterinary care.

They are spending countless hours trying to provide for these homeless animals, trying to foster them and care for them until permanent homes can be found. These individuals and organizations have little time left to do the necessary work of raising money, so much of the money needed comes from their own pockets. Please help us to help them.

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The CAF is looking for new board members!

We are seeking highly motivated, enthusiastic individuals who are interested in helping animals in our community. Experience with grants and fundraising are a plus. Contact us at 434.361.1885 for more information.

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