Memorials and Tributes

This is a very special page of our site. It honors the generous pet owners and those they love and may have lost. Click on the images for large views when available.

Other Memorial Donations. (pdf)


"In memory of Fern & Saska." Ruth Bell

"In memory of Princess." Barbara Mann

Juna Dillard"To our daughter Christy in memory of her dog Juna." Joyce & Jim Dillard

"In memory of Fred Lane, a wonderful husband to Ann, and dedicated father to Dina and Stefan. He was a sweet,kind and fun man, and we will miss him too." CAF Baord of Directors

"A donation was made to honor Sueann Meskell & Syron McCauley for the holidays by Steven & Jane Engel"

"In memory of Maybeline, Stefan Friedman's dog." Dina Friedman

Sean Yemen"On behalf of the Shaffrey family, Katie and Chris and children, a donation has been made to the Companion Animal Fund in honor of Sean and his loving, kind spirit."

Buddy Reams"Buddy was my "travel'n man". I found him hitching a ride along a busy road. He hopped in the car, made himself at home and the rest is history. This 20 pound furr ball became my constant traveling companion between my homes in Virginia and the OBX. He was truly the most "human" cat I've ever known.

"Buddy was not just a great cat - he was a great companion. I would like to thank Dr. Chuck Wood for his invaluable counsel during Buddy's illness. To honor Buddy and Dr Wood, I'm making a donation to the Companion Animal Fund for all the great work they do for the animal community."
Lynn Reams

Sue Jurey"In memory of Sue Jurey, a very special member of the Rover's Recess team who helped a previously scared little beagle transform into a confident, sassy, happy little dog. She is missed and will forever be loved by a beagle and her people." Adria Hoffman

"Happy Holiday to Sueann Meskell & Byron McCauley." From Steve Engel

Doodles"Doodles was the largest and sweetest Airedale we ever had. He loved everyone and every dog he ever met. He was smart, mischevious, and very funny. His heart was as big as he was.We were so lucky to have 12 and a half years with him. I know he's making the angels smile." Harriet & Fred Maute

Josie and George"In memory of my sweet friends, Josie and George who showed me how to love unconditionally and endlessly." Barbara Shifflett

PeteyPetey "Little Man"  July 4, 1999 - June 2, 2014
"We called him our "Min-Pin-Pom". He had the heart of a Pincer and the feistiness of a Pomeranian. No dog ate his food or invaded his space. He ruled the roost. He weighed 3lbs. Petey carried himself as the big dog in the house though he lived with an 84 lb. Boxer. We miss you Petey."

Jeff and Pat Wray

"In memory of Kona, a sweet golden retriever owned by Pat Lavigne. Hope that the happy memories you have of Kona are a comfort to you at this sad time." From Joyce & Jim Dillard, and the staff at Old Dominion Animal Hospital

"In memory of Simon, beloved kittycat." Stefan Friedman

"So sorry for the painful loss of your beloved poochie Maddie." Stefan Friedman

"Many thanks to Rover's Recess, particularly Cynthia and Judy, for loving and caring for our dogs." Mary Ann Thompson

"Jake, you were ornery, courageous, misanthropic and misunderstood. And you managed that for eighteen years. I miss you already." Stefan Friedman

Holly"Holly was a sweet rescued border collie who ended up with her wonderful parents Judy & Mick Jaeger. With them she had a long wonderful life. She will be greatly missed by her family and Marie & Cynthia at Rover's Recess."

Sadie Sweet Sadie was the biggest dog ever, in a small compact body, and is greatly missed by her "Uncle Rog," Cynthia and the pack at Rover's Recess. She was well loved and cared for by her mom Roberta Lawrence and kittie roommate Booie.

Ruby Ruby was one laid back sweet puppy dog, mother of "Sammy," and a delight to be with. She is greatly missed by Judy, Carolyn, Cynthia & the rest of the pack at Rover's Recess. She was well loved and is greatly missed by her moms Laura Kuhn & Kathie Hullfish, and her doggie roommate Lewis.

Cleveland Cynthia Elkey & Rover's Recess made a donation in memory of Cleveland. He was the most loving King Charles Spaniel ever, who had a wonderful long life with his beloved family, the Goldfarbs.

Brinker Cynthia Elkey & Rover's Recess made a donation in memory of Brinker on behalf of Mary Ann Thompson & Douglas Phillips. "We are so sad to lose our fuzzy, funny boy, sweetest dog in the universe, serious about his role as a companion dog."

Charcoal Stefan Friedman made a donation in memory of Charcoal, beloved companion, protector and friend on behalf of Jennifer Parker.

Old Dominion Animal Hospital made a donation in memory of Dede, beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, who will be missed by her "Mom" Molly Bass, and the staff at Old Dominion.

Spanky Byron & Sueann McCauley made a donation in memory of Spanky, rescued 19 years ago, and to honor Lynn Reams for her loving heart and giving him a home along with Pumpkin, Vincent, and Buddy.

Stefan Friedman made a donation in memory of Newton, a kitty who gave great comfort to a special little girl, owned by Skyler Friedman.

Stefan Friedman made a donation in memory of Lenny, the singing dog,owned by Andrew and Heather Sacks.

Barney "May all the memories you shared with Barney help you through this sad time. Our hearts are with you, Mojo and all of Barney's critter friends." - Mom and Freddy

"In memory of Alley Cat and to honor the owner, Christy Lavigne" - Joyce & Jim Dillard

"In memory of Savannah and to honor the owner, Anne Mytnik" - Joyce & Jim Dillard

Nick the goat "Nick was a wonderful brother to Molly and a joy for his family and the world to watch when they viewed We all miss him very much." - Sheri Falke

Lacey Lee "In memory of Lacey Lee, whose loving and gentle ways filled our lives with joy. We will all miss her." - Byron & Sueann McCauley

Rocky "Whatever would we do without them...our four legged angels all covered with fur. In memory of Rocky McCauley, our companion for 19 years." - Byron, Sueann and friends, especially Lynn for the generous donation to CAF

Chu'i "Chu'i was a gift that we were grateful to love and to share, who touched more lives than we could have ever imagined. He was our shining star, and he'll always be in our hearts." - Board of Directors of CAF

Lucy "In memory of Lucy, beloved companion of Karen, Phil and Patrick Roy." - The Roy Family

Sadie "In honor of Sadie, the sweetest "Albemarle Collie" ever and her devoted owners, The Thompson/Phillips family. We miss you Sadie!" - Cynthia Elkey & the Pack at Rover's Recess

"In honor of Cosette, the remarkable wonder Boxer, and her family Nancy, Michael & Alec Ryan, and her Boxer roommate, Baxter." - Cynthia Elkey & the Pack at Rover's Recess

Mia Mason "To express our sadness at the loss of sweet Mia. This was one happy, well cared for rescue greyhound who had a long and cushy life with the Masons. We miss you Mia." - Cynthia Elkey & the Pack at Rover's Recess

Argos "In fond memory of Argos." - Ari Daniels

"In memory of Polly" - Tim & Marie Taylor

Ringo "In memory of Ringo the Polish wonder dog, beloved companion of Sheila Zaprzalka" - Marie and Tim Taylor

"There is nothing on this earth more prized than true friendship. We'll cherish Arlene as a wonderful friend and for her generous support of our four legged friends." - Byron & Sueann McCauley

Ringo "In fond memory of Ellie, whose love and 'hooting' will be sorely missed by Eli, the rest of the McGraws, and myself." - Steve Friedman

"In loving memory of Scruffy" - Steve Friedman

"The loss of a beloved, loyal pet is such a painful one. We miss Miracle more than words can express. She added so much to our lives and she lives on in our hearts." - Virginia and Eddie Creasy

"In memory of Cynthia's Dad, Jim Elkey, who lived his 87 years well, dedicated to serving others." - Virginia & Chuck Wood

"In memory of our daughter Tiffany Reynolds and her cat Tux. It has been one year since she passed and Tux ran away. We continue to look for him and visit the SPCA." - Victoria G. Reynolds

"We miss you, sweet Bailey, but know you are resting comforably now." Cynthia Elkey and the "Pack" are Rover's Recess.

"For you and Lucky - and the love you both have for each other"

Pete Taylor "In memory of Pete" - Marie and Tim Taylor

"Spunky - beloved dog of Julie & Daniel Pitti"

"Benny - devoted companion to Judy Sharp"

"Mischief - feline friend of Cheryn Stone"

"In Memory of Christine McCauley" - Harold & Arlene Eskey

"In honor of Judy & Cynthia at Rover's Recess." - Kathy Tapogna

Sophie Millner "In memory of sweet Sophie Millner who loved her outdoor adventures and had a long and wonderful life with her "Mom & Dad," Erica and Jim Millner. She is greatly missed by all of us." - Cynthia Elkey at Rover's Recess

Lester "In memory of Lester, who liked nothing better than to be in your lap and have his belly rubbed! And to honor his wonderful "Moms," Carolyn George and Sara Robinson. He will be greatly missed." - Cynthia Elkey at Rover's Recess

"Rascal, 5/10/99 - 11/27/09, was a sweet cocker spaniel who will be greatly missed by his owners, Esther Cho & Andy Wang, and his friends at Rover's Recess." - Cynthia Elkey at Rover's Recess

Paige Mattson and Georgie "In memory of Georgie, a good pet and my best friend. You are missed! February 22, 1996-November 14, 2009"

Tiffany Reynolds and Tux "In memory of Tiffany Reynolds, beloved daughter and sister, joyous friend and momma to Tux. Your smile, laughter, warmth and generosity will be missed by all who knew you."

"In memory of my cat Squoo who died at the age of 19 in May 2009." - Rebecca Chaitin

Melon Roberts "In memory of Melon Roberts (Nov 1997 - Aug 2009)- one of the sweetest kitties that ever lived! She'll be greatly missed by her mom, Roc Roberts, and all her humans who knew and loved her."

"In loving memory of Minnie, a magical, wonderful anchor of the Friedman household."

"In memory of Lacy Elder, the sweetest white standard poodle ever, and beloved dog of Elizabeth Elder, and a friend to all who knew her including her dog friends: Molly, Bowzer, Rusty & Mattie. We all miss you Lacy and you'll stay in our hearts forever."

Levi Goodman "Levi Goodman 4/23/94 - 5/4/08 Special friend of Betty Goodman 'I journeyed to the Rainbow's end, I found my gold in you, my friend.'"

Liz Glass "In remembrance of Liz Glass, friend, neighbor,and the most wonderful kitty sitter ever. You were a 'purrfect' companion and we will miss you. Rocky, Bullwinkle, Boris, Rocky 2, Mojito, Bibb, and Missy."

Avery "Avery (2/14/97 - 3/16/09,) beloved black lab belonging to Mary Walker. We love you and miss you sweet guy!"

"Jake, an English Setter, was a devoted companion to his owner, Sandeep Teja, for 16 years and will be greatly missed by Sandeep, his family & friends, and all who knew him."

"In loving memory of our Australian Shepherd Dog, Abbey. She was a devoted member of our family for over 15 years. Abbey watched over our children, and was particularily attached to our son, Garrett. She was a great pet and we are happy to be able to honor her life."